First of all, I’m aware that commenting is non-functional right now. As always, the problem is out of my control and again, thanks for your patience.

Today is the first day that UBC Housing residences are accepting residents for the new school year. After the usual quiet and peaceful summer on campus, all of UBC is a huge hub of activity. The campus is crawling with parents, n00bs, and their belongings. When I stepped out of my apartment today to run some errands, the parking lot next door was filled. Virtually every vehicle in the lot had a “Opening Day” parking pass which allows parents to park for free this weekend while they move in their younglings. There are also UBC Housing staff to direct vehicles to the right lots.

As I left the lot, I began seeing many, many groups of students decked out in blue and white t-shirts. They seem to be part of some orientation activity. I counted no less than ten of these groups all over UBC. When I got to the bank in the Village I saw two parents and their first-year meeting a banking associate to open a bank account. I overheard them discussing things like chequing fees and online banking. I have yet to go into the CIBC in September and not see something like this.

You know back in my undergrad days, I had nothing like this. Free parking for parents for move in? You’ve got to be kidding me. My parents had to illegally park the car when we moved my stuff. In fact, I think my Dad found great pride in trying to park as close to a fire hydrant as possible. And UBC Housing staff outside on the street to direct traffic and answer questions? In my day, there was one guy inside who handed out keys and he liked to send out a mailer (props to anyone who got that). There also no orientation back then. I had to ask some guy named “Booger” where I could pick up my meal card.

Well, that’s it for now.

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