So the office in which I work has windows that face directly along W. Broadway near Maple, that’s near Arbutus for those who aren’t familar with the area. On any given day, there many, many, many super attractive women who walk along this stretch of W. Broadway. There’s also a bus stop across the street from the building. Often, these supermodel types will wait for the bus going downtown.

A co-worker of mine, who shall go unnamed, has his desk right by this bank of windows. He says it’s gotten to the point where he thinks the situation is just crazy. He swears that every five minutes there’s a stunningly beautiful girl that walks by on the street. When you can either look at C++ code or steal a glance at a hot girl, the decision can be hard to make sometimes.

He tells me that there’s a bus stop regular. He’s some guy in 40s or so that buys alcohol from the nearby liquor store. The dude then takes his stash to the bus stop and chats these hot ladies up while drinking. Maybe he’s got the right idea… lol.

Thankfully (ha!), my desk faces a wall and all my neighbours are guys. I have no distractions in that respect. I have nothing to prevent me from just churning out high-quality game code hour after efficient hour. Don’t tell anyone, but sometimes I visit the my co-worker buddy just to see who’s at the bus stop.

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