The weather here in Vancouver has been quite hot in the last several weeks. Unfortunately, for me, I live in an apartment building that must hold the world record for the ability to retain heat through out the day and night.

For a split-level apartment, I strangely only have two windows that open. The one on the ground floor is large and but opens so wide, anyone can just step through the window and into my living room. Consequently, I have to keep this one closed whenever I’m out. This is too bad since it’s this window that seems to let most of the heat escape.

The window in my bedroom upstairs is smaller but I can keep it open all the time, which I do. The down side is that no cool air seems to want to flow through this window. Nevertheless, I keep it open. The curtains for this window are so thick it effectively keeps in all the air when they are over the windows. It takes less than a minute for me to feel the bedroom heating up when they are closed.

Because of this oven I call a bedroom, I try not to do anything that might add to the heat. This means I forgo closing the curtains for even a minute. This can get real interesting when I’m changing clothes or when I step out of the bathroom naked after a shower. Of course, none of this would matter if my window faced nothing, but it faces a whole slew of other apartments. The building I’m in has this open courtyard concept and many apartments face inward towards the courtyard. From my bedroom window, I have a view of no less than I’d say 15 apartments.

I’m so damn lazy and hot, I just change my clothes, get naked, and walk into my bedroom naked, all with my curtains open now. I just don’t care anymore. I figure the odds of someone seeing me for during that brief time is still pretty low. Also, it’s not like I lounge around naked. The part when I’m naked is only a transitionary stage. Since we’re all supposed to be adults, who’s going to get offended by a quick flash of wang?

Anyways, I’m tired so I’ll end it here. I bet you’re all wondering what OVERHEARD ON THE BUS would have been.

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