With about six billion people on this planet, it’s highly unlikely your combination of first name and last is unique. I am not exempt from this fact. There are other Erwin Tangs out there. I even think some of them have come to this site, Googling our name. Tee-hee… our name.

I believe there’s at least one Erwin Tang in Singapore. If you Google my name, most of the hits come back to me: this web site, school related stuff, various restraining orders, and the list goes on. There is one other Erwin Tang that does come up and he’s just not Erwin Tang, he’s Dr. Erwin Tang. Oh how my Mom wish I could be called Dr. Erwin Tang.

Anyways, Dr. Erwin Tang lives and works near the Dallas, Texas area. Specifically, Dr. Tang has a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree which makes him very qualified to be rooting around in that area of the face. From all indications, he’s a terrific and competent dentist.

Dr. Erwin Tang also appears to have a fantastic home life. He was named Plano, Texas’ Father of the Year for 2001. I remember there was a PDF online newsletter which detailed the reasons behind the accolade. In the piece, I found out that Dr. Tang has two kids, I believe a boy and a girl. I think there was also a picture of his entire family: him, his wife, and their two kids. I wish I could find that document again. I bet his house is really nice and he has air-conditioning.

Life must be good for Dr. Erwin Tang. I have no doubt he’s probably Googled his own name. He’s probably visited this site as well. I wonder what he thinks of all this. He’s worked so hard to make a good name for himself in the community and professionally, and everything on the Internet with our name is related to a joker like me. Geez, do you think he’s put a filter on his kids computers’ so that they can’t visit my site? I bet his wife frowns whenever he brings up

I’d like to meet Dr. Erwin Tang someday. I’m hoping he’s a pretty cool guy.

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