So where was I about this paper I talking about? Oh yeah, so I did a course-based Master’s degree which meant I didn’t have to write a thesis or do any research. I can tell you right now that fact saved me a whole bunch of trouble. Sure Matt C from SJC once said my degree “wasn’t a real one” but he’s an arrogant prick and I’m not the only one to think that. Whoops, did I write that? I hope Google doesn’t crawl my blog.

Anyways, because of the course-based nature of my degree, I never expected to get an academic paper published or even written. In the academic world, published papers are the means by which researchers measure how big their dicks are among themselves. Academically speaking, it was never my intention to participate in such an event.

As I began to read more and more papers, I thought it’d be pretty cool if by some chance I’d write a paper and get it saved to the ACM Digital Library. At least for my own interests, the ACM Digital Library represented the most influential body of archived papers, proceedings, and journals.

In my last semester at school, I took a project course dealing with physical user-interfaces. It dealt with devices like force-feedback joysticks, stuff that you physically touch to interact with computers or electronic devices. I completed a project with two other people. The prof thought that our work was good enough to possibly be presented in a mid-level conference scheduled for October in Italy.

I helped co-author a paper based on our work and we sent it in. We got back the reviewers comments just about two weeks ago. It was my first time having to go through stuff like this where faceless people pick apart your work. Unfortunately, our paper wasn’t fully accepted so we won’t be presenting it formally, but we were accepted as a poster session. I say poopy to that.

Anyways, I believe our paper will still be archived in the ACM Digital Library since it will be part of the conference. Yay! Hey, if you’re in Trento, Italy on Thursday, October 6, 2005, be sure to check out The Seventh International Conference on Multimodal Interfaces (ICMI’05)!

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