Tonight was one of those times where I was glad that I didn’t have to work late. I left work and stepped into a glorious early evening. I met up with some friends and grabbed some dinner sushi. We took it down to Jerico Beach where we proceeded to have dinner in the shade.

The croquet set was then brought out and a course was set up on the sand. Along a backdrop of a golden sky we played a rousing game of croquet. Sarah and Brad were among the competitors and I felt most fortunate to see them before they left for home in Saskatchewan. Thanks to my skilled playing partner Rhonda, we took the game in a hard fought struggle.

After stopping for some quick photos on the beach, I hoofed it up to 4th Ave. to catch the bus back to campus where I had a 9pm meeting for the SJC boys for hockey. I was a few minutes late but that was ok since I had the ball and no one could have played without me.

It’s been months since we’ve played ball hockey in the parkade, with the respite being almost as long as the NHL lockout. We had an excellent turnout considering how long it had been since the last outing. A good time was had by all and I think everyone enjoyed the exercise. Adam even figured out a way to control the lights in the parkade.

When everyone was exhausted, we headed up to the SJC patio for beers which was generously provided by Commander Body himself, Mr. Bodnar. Excellent conversation ensued which included the formation of a bet and a discussion of the Photoshop skills of one British economics student. While I thought the evening was going to wind down there, I was wrong. It seems more than a few of us were hungry.

Five minutes later, we all piled into T-Bone’s car for the quick drive over to McDonald’s. While some of us had to go unshowered and unchanged, others decided they had to change clothes and comb their hair. I believe everyone was pleased with the food they received and Tom even got a toy with his Happy Meal. While we sitting outside, we saw some guy running down the bike lane along University Blvd. He wasn’t even running to catch a bus.

With the food gone and toy collected, I decided to walk home. Now here I am with you fine folks. I’m tired now but I had a good day.

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