Earlier in the day, I would have thought my highlight of the day was seeing those gaggle of super hot ladies on W. 4th Ave. when I was out for lunch. I was wrong. Then I thought the highlight would have been watching the fireworks at Spanish Banks. I was wrong again.

No, the highlight of my day happened around midnight when I found myself standing on top of a parkade on-campus somewhere with Tomo, Adam, Joel, Tyson, and Tom. It appears that Tom and Tyson have started this two person fight club where they duel each other with homemade swords.

This is how serious they are about it. They go to Home Depot to buy plastic piping material which they fashion into swords complete with custom made hilts. Tyson has a wooden staff that he duels with, a la Darth Maul style.

On the way up to the parkade roof, I was a bit skeptical as to how impressive this whole thing would be but I would soon see the intensity involved. Both Tom and T-Bone started off with a single sword each. They warmed up a bit first but before Adam, Tomo, and I could even notice, the two duelists engaged each other in furious combat. It was a lot faster and dangerous mind you, than I had anticipated. There was considerable weight behind each strike and blow. Was it Anakin vs. Obi-Wan? No, not exactly, but no one would have mistaken this as simple play fighting. Speed and danger were definite elements in this.

Before long Tyson brought out the staff and that seemed even more dangerous than the swords. After battling for a short while, both Tom and Tyson decided to grab a sword in each hand. Four PVC swords were in play at the same time.

I’d seen enough after this, so I decided to go home. On the way down the stairs, I saw a police cruiser heading up to the top floor of the parkade. I had no doubt in my mind the cops were on their way to see what the hell was going on up there. I kept on walking.

I’ve received reports that the cop questioned the boys as to their activities, but left them be, albeit a little perplexed as to why good friends would want to bash each other with swords.

Alright, it’s getting late, I’m out.

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