Blogger fixed their post counters. This is my 1038th post. Over the three years, some have been better than others but the important thing is I’m out there everyday, gettin’ it done. What that is, I’m still not sure.

Some of you may have read my post about the man date. Along the same lines comes an article about the “man hug“. It’s informative and thought-provoking. While I rarely hug other men, I’m partial to the “half-and-half” or the “hip-hop” but “the bear” isn’t to my liking. Wow, just think about a man date where there’s some man hugging going on.

You know, there was something else I wanted to blog. It was something I’ve been meaning to write down for the last couple of days. Now I can’t remember it. Hmmm… I’m sure if it’s important I’ll remember it again. Oh wait, now I recall. It was about that academic paper I co-authored for a conference. Now, that I thought about it, I’m too tired to go into details. I’ll write about it again some time later this week.

I’ll end with some video game news. The use of zombies in games has been a popular concept. The use of such enemies is attractive since who doesn’t love being freaked out by the living dead? The whole wanting to eat your brains thing is pretty cool too. Now comes a game that turns the whole concept in the other direction. In Stubbs the Zombie (A Rebel Without a Pulse), you play the game through the eyes of Stubbs… a zombie. Your goal is to turn as many humans as you can into zombies. Available to you are some pretty cool zombie powers including the ability to smash through doors to get at your human brains. Because the game is set in the 50s, there’s a unique classic feel to it. From the decor right down to the Mr. Sandman soundtrack it’s something you’d see in small town America. Take a gander at the videos on the web site.

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