So I’ve been trying to find a new, affordable place to live, preferably near my work place. Finding a new place to live sucks. I wish I didn’t have to leave my current apartment but I won’t be a student beyond August, so I’ll probably get kicked out.

I discovered a few things in my search for an apartment. The first is that rent is relatively expensive around the Kits or UBC area. For the same price of a dank one bedroom basement suite in that area, I can rent out the entire floor of new houses in the East Van. Actually, if I were just willing to live near the Joyce Skytrain station, I could afford living in one bedroom apartments in buildings that less than five years old. The commute wouldn’t be that bad except that I’m not really sure how I’d like living in East Van. All my friends are out by Kits and that’s the neighbourhood I like hanging out in.

The second thing I’ve discovered is that apartment managers are some of the most miserable sumbitches on the planet. I looked at this apartment on Saturday, it was by W. 12th and Birch. The guy that was showing the apartment to me made it seem like he was doing me the biggest freaking favour in the world. I was polite and courteous, and did not take much of his time. Yeah, I know he must have had a lot of people showing up to see the place, but that’s your job. If you hate it that much so that I can almost instantly see that you have no will to live, it’s time to move on. The apartment itself was alright, but I can’t imagine having to go to this guy when something needs fixing. Maybe I’m being picky but I think I’ll pass on the place.

One other thing I did notice is that there are many relatively affordable places for rent downtown. While it isn’t my first choice, I might have to seriously consider getting a place there. There was one place I saw downtown that I really liked but it was out of my price range. It’s called the Metropolitan Towers and it’s located on 930 Seymour Street. The complex is about two years old and it’s a great looking complex. Instead of a codgy old dude, I was met with a pleasant woman who was the leasing manager. She had me sit down in her nice office and gave me a rental package with floor plans. I was first shown the studio apartment on the 30th floor I believe. It was decent sized with newer model fridge, stove, and dishwasher. It came with in-suite laundry. The best thing about the place was the windows which went from one end of the apartment all the way to other. The view was spectacular with the ocean at one end and the mountains on the other. It must be quite the show at night with the lights. I was then given a tour of the facilities including the meeting room, theatre, and in-house fitness centre complete with cute girl working the desk. And what pray tell is the damage per month for this? Tree-fitty. Actually no, it’s $1050 a month, which at this point in my life is a little beyond me.

So the search continues. I am at my parents place tonight for an experiment. I’m going to try the commute from their place to work just to see how it is. Total travel time is about an hour, which isn’t that good but isn’t that bad either. Yes, I may have to move back with my parents temporarily if I can’t find a suitable place by the end of August. There’s only two good things about that: I can save some money and I can move out immediately once I find a place to my liking.

Anyways, almost time for bed. By the way, tonight’s Family Guy episode? Another classic in my books. Did you see how much poop was in Stewie’s diaper?

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