On your first day of work at Digital Eclipse, you’re given a short questionnaire to fill out. One of the questions they ask is what do you see yourself doing if you didn’t have to work in your current position. Of course, I found this hard to answer since I was so nervous about everything else I had to do on my first day of work.

In the five minutes I had to fill out the entire form, I managed to write something lame down about being a “game show host”. The answer is eventually used by a caricature artist to make our name plates to identify who sits where.

I, along with several other new employees, got back our caricatures on Friday. I thought the artist was quite kind to me, giving me a more defined jawline than I could ever have wished for in real life. It looks pretty good.

Upon seeing other caricatures related to Yoda and Darth Vader, I somewhat regretted not answering with something Jedi themed. Nonetheless, the original laminated drawing is now attached to the wall by where my desk is, clearly identifying my mess.

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