First, I’d like to apologize for the comments being down for the last few days. It’s a situation that’s out of my control. There is nothing I can do to fix it on my end.

I’m pretty sure someone at work will probably stumble upon my web site sooner or later. In fact, it would surprise me if someone hasn’t seen it already. If I were an HR person, I’d Google all potential hires just for the hell of it. Not a lot of people at work know me too well just yet, so perhaps I can fly underneath the radar for a while yet.

Today, I was asked for instant messaging info at work. IM is a legitimate business productivity tool. It can help with the instant flow of information at a busy office. Since I only have one IM account, I gave out the info for that one. Then I realized I had just mixed my personal IM contacts with now my work ones. I hope it won’t be a big problem, but now work contacts will be able to see when I sign on at home. I wonder if they’ll ask me work related questions when I’m away from the office.

Anyways, I need some rest. Have a good one.

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