Wow, I just washed a ton of dishes, plates, cups, and utensils. My kitchen is ready to go… for what I’m still not sure.

In blog news, Blogger has totally screwed up the formatting for my posts. After I hit the “publish” button, Blogger automatically inserts this HTML tag that completely throws off the CSS stylesheet that I use for my blog template. In short, I can no longer control what fonts appear. I have to manually remove the offending tag from every single paragraph of text to get it back to normal. I’ve e-mail Blogger, they’re smart people, maybe they will know what to do.

Nevertheless, I had a weekend that was moderately packed with fun. Despite my unexpected evening of OT on Friday night, I still got to make it to Caroline’s b-day BBQ on the SJC patio deck. Then Joel was kind enough to make me some gin and tonics while we watched the Showcase channel.

I ran some errands on Saturday afternoon, which also included opening up a line of credit with CIBC. I’ve realized how fiscally irresponsible I’ve been with my money. I’ve been carrying a balance on Visa bill for years now which was costing me an arm and a leg with the high interest rates. After being chastized by some friends, I finally smartened up and used the line of credit to pay off the damn Visa bill. The interest rate is less than half of the interest rate on my Visa card. I’m also considering switching to a lower interest rate Visa card.

On Saturday evening I had drinks with some friends on Granville Island. I had a strawberry daiquiri for the first time. I’m not sure if mine contained any alcohol.

On Sunday morning, I bought groceries and bus tickets. It seems like I get bus tickets like every other day. I can’t wait to buy my first bus pass next week. In the afternoon, I joined some friends down at Spanish Banks to play some croquet on the beach. It was good weather… not too hot, not too cold. I also got to visit the new concession stand at Spanish Banks. It looks really nice now. I tried the Vancouver Parks Board’s finest onion rings. It was an excellent snack that powered me to a 2nd place finish at croquet.

After a wicked climb back up to 4th Ave. to catch the bus back home, I napped briefly before going to dinner at SJC. What a poor dinner it was. Like Commander Body says, they just phone it in on Sunday nights. After consuming “dinner”, I was cajoled into playing another round of croquet. Joel did fine for his first time out. It’s not important who won, but if you must know, it was me… lol.

And now I’m here this evening writing for you fine folks. Before I leave, I’d like to pimp out Greg Williams’ new blog. Please check it out because it’s pretty cool and it involves a fantastic user-controlled web cam located in downtown Vancouver.

Alright, have a good Monday everybody.

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