As of Monday, there are now two Starbucks locations within a five minute walking radius to my apartment. Now this wouldn’t be a surprising fact if say I lived in downtown Vancouver or near a shopping district, but I live on a university campus.

These two Starbucks locations are fully-fledged coffee outlets. I’m not talking about coffee being sold off a cart or from a small kiosk. These are the real deals. The latest location is inside the Fred Kaiser building, the shiny new home of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The building isn’t even ready for occupation but they got the Starbucks up and running as a priority. This one closes at 4pm and isn’t open on weekends.

If I want to get Starbucks on the weekend or in the evening, I have to go to the one just east of the Forestry building. That one is open until 11pm every day.

It’s a good thing I don’t drink coffee, but I’ve been known to have a mocha frap once in a while. Lately, I’ve even had a few of those without any significant side effects.

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