Here’s a strange story coming out of Princeton University. A mathematics graduate student has been arrested in connection with over 60 lewd incidents involving Asian females on the university campus. The grad student in question, a Michael Lohman, has now been banned from campus. The Daily Princentonian AP Wire report was quite liberal in explaining his activities:

“Lohman, 28, cut and took locks of hair from about nine Asian female University students without their knowledge or consent and poured his own bodily fluids into the drinks of Asian female students more than 50 times, according to police reports.”

“Lohman lives in the Butler apartments with his wife of four years, who is Asian, a graduate student who knows him told The Daily Princetonian Tuesday.”

“The fluids poured into the drinks were semen and urine, Lt. Dennis McManimon, the Borough police’s spokesman, said in an interview Tuesday.”

“A search of Lohman’s apartment revealed ‘a quantity of women’s panties and numerous mittens,’ according to a statement from Borough police.”

“The investigation, McManimon said, ‘has been leaning’ toward the conclusion that Lohman stuffed the mittens with the hair he had obtained from students and used them for personal sexual gratification.”

According to the article, Lohman is also a TA. I bet he broke some of those rules I was talking about in an earlier post. I will leave you with the best quote of the story:

“‘Princeton is the place he really wanted to come,’ the graduate student who knows him said.”

He’ll probably be kicked out of the math department, but the Princeton Department of Asian Studies has already stated they’ll reserve a place for him while he sorts out his legal troubles.

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