Did you know that two days after my last exam for my undergrad degree I was already in Honolulu, Hawaii? Yep, it was a family vacation thanks to Mom. It’s been a week since I finished my requirements for my graduate degree and I find myself in Port Moody tonight.

I am visiting my parents and sister in the self-proclaimed “City of the Arts“. After my interview today, I made the long trek out to boonie town. About that interview… I won’t say who it was with, except to say it was with a game development company whose initials are not “E” and “A”. It was probably one of the most casual interviews I’ve had in my entire life, which made it very hard to gauge how I did. I was asked when I’d be available, but I’ve come to learn such questions can be asked as an exercise. I usually have a gut feeling about how interviews went, but in this case, I can’t say one way or the other. I will have to wait this one out.

I bussed, Skytrained, and bussed it back to my parents place. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, it’s almost fascinating how the people on transit change as you move further east in the Lower Mainland. On my way out of the UBC bus loop, I was sitting next to this already well-tanned young lady who looked like she had come from a day at the beach. When I was on the final bus to my parents’ home, my seatmate was this middle-aged construction worker with a hardhat and a lunch pail.

After dinner, I went to Wal-mart with my sister. I drove for the first time in months but I didn’t seem to have any rust to shake off. It was like riding a bike… except you’re in a car. Along the way, my sister wished aloud that it would be nice if there was an Ethical-mart. I agreed but it would probably have $20 tubes of toothpaste. I went and bought my usual set of toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, and Gold Bond medicated body powder.

When we got back, I got all my family’s tax info for 2004. I once again got duped into doing my entire family’s taxes. I basically have four days to do it all, so I’ll be in a rush. On top of that, I’m still doing research assistant work for this prof. I have to get a bunch of stuff done for Sunday as well. For a guy who just finished his Master’s degree, I’m still doing a lot of work.

My parents are taking me out to dim sum tomorrow, after which, I’m heading straight back to my apartment to do work. I will talk to you then.

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