Today was technically the last day of classes for the school year. Practically, it didn’t mean anything to me since my actual last day of class was on Wednesday night. Also, since I don’t have any final exams, this day didn’t mean the start of exam season. On a historical note, this will most likely be my “last day of class” ever. I don’t have any plans on coming back to school after this, so I guess this is a bit of a milestone.

At UBC, the last day of class also means Arts County Fair. I didn’t go this year. I’ve learned that if you’re not going to ACF, you’d be smart to avoid the people that are going. Since ACF turned into an all-ages show, the campus usually gets inundated with teenage punk types. It wasn’t bad during the day, but the campus got messy after the concert ended. Most people were leaving just as Adam, Woba, and myself were departing from the Village where we had dinner.

Everyone else was going one way and the three of us were going the other way. We came to the conclusion there was a lot of riff-raff amongst the concert-goers. I sound like an old man.

Anyways, yeah… last day of class.

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