It kinda snuck up on me, but tomorrow I have to jump through my last hoop and then I’ll be done all that is required of me for my Master’s degree. As part of a group presentation, all I have to do is speak for just under four minutes. I am four minutes away from an M.Eng.

As fate would have it, she ain’t going down easy though. I gotta be up around 8am to help setup my team’s demo of our work. We actually don’t have to present until 10:30am. I’ve been lucky all year in that I haven’t had to wake up early at all. I just wish I could have gotten away with one more late start. By the time the presentations end at noon, I’m going to be one relieved and tired dude.

I don’t think anyone can accurately visualize the end when they start a graduate degree. They just start jumping through hoops: meetings with supervisors, assignments, readings, labs, projects, papers… one after another. I remember the first assignment I had for this degree, it was a lab exercise for a software engineering course. I was filled with both dread and excitement at doing schoolwork again. After 2+ years and traversing one long road, I am nearly done with this journey.

I just wish I didn’t have to wake up so early!

On a completely unrelated note, I made it into Greg’s blog again.

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