I’ve been told now by two different sources there seems to be some sorta strain of super cold going around. Karen at Friday night’s dinner told me about a rather nasty strain that she’s seen making the rounds. Tonight, my sister informed me that her recent cold hung on for a few extra days, making her illness last a total of ten days. This might explain why I seemed to have gotten worse on Saturday night after thinking I was in the clear. It’s a good thing I have a doctor’s appointment on Monday. I haven’t had a cold this bad in a long time.

While we’re on the subject of being sick, why don’t I list the illnesses I’ve had since the school year started? Let’s start off with food poisoning, which I had at the end of September. After living with my parents and commuting to school for three weeks, my Mom decided to send me off in style by improperly cooking some sausage. That first week in my new apartment was an absolute trial. Worst case of food poisoning ever. Usually if you get food poisoning, you go to the can and provide a “liquid refund” of some sort and it should be over. Not in my case. Holy crap (pun intended). I also got a severe headache and it hurt to move any part of my body. That lasted about five days. And don’t even get me started on my GI tract. For more than an entire week, my body’s only purpose was to make poop. The whole experience bordered on life-changing or pants-changing, you take your pick.

So, a day after I finally felt recovered from being a brown machine, I developed a cold. It also lasted about a week and I was cursing my crappy luck by this time. Two illnesses back to back. It made a for poor start to the fall.

When I recovered from the cold, I noticed some itchy red marks on my skin. I thought I had hives. Turns out it wasn’t hives, but that’s not important any more.

I’ll leave you with one more thought. If there was a Taco Bell within walking distance of my apartment, I’d be a happy camper. Good food at reasonable prices. And consider this, a Gordita Supreme with Chicken contains only 12g of fat, that’s with cheese and sour cream. After eating undercooked sausage, I’d take that any day.

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