In regards to my last post, yep, Daddy is in fact sick. I know that some of my female readers find it creepy when I refer to myself as “Daddy”. In my defense, my head hurts and every muscle in my body seems to ache. You know it’s bad when just moving the hairs on my head causes sharp pain.

Anyways, if you’re like me, you’re always in search of cheap entertainment… and what better place than on Internet to look for it!?!?! If you live in Vancouver, you no doubt have seen or read The Georgia Strait, a venerable free newspaper for the arts and entertainment scene in the city. They’ve recently put online their “I Saw You” section of the classifieds. If you’re not familar with this, it’s a free ad where people usually try to reconnect with someone they briefly encountered. Did you catch a girl smiling at you on the bus? Were too shy to say anything? This is the place for you to get a potential second chance.

Here are just small selection of ads from this week’s paper:


I saw you walking into the DKE frathouse on Wesbrooke. You: thin, blond, black eye, skateboard, trucker hat. Me: blond, tall, eyebrow, hiding behind bushes. We exchanged a glance which I found meaningful. I will be standing by the Dance Dance Revolution at the SUB Arcade on Saturday Night at 11 pm. I would love to start talking to you rather than just seeing you from a distance.

This young “lady” clearly has a case of the “bad boy” syndrome. Not only is she after a frat boy, he’s a frat boy with a black eye. A black eye no doubt gained while living the “bad boy” lifestyle. I wasn’t even sure frat boys were capable of meaningful glances. I’m almost tempted to be at the SUB arcade tonight just to see what happens.

Here’s another one:

Wed. March 02,05.

You- hot asian lady with asian friend sitting in the booth in front of us. Me- tall guy sitting with asian ladyfriend. We exchanged several glances & smiles. Being the shy type I missed the opportunity to meet you. Wishing to meet you some day soon.

Asian, asian, asian! Let me guess, the tall guy is in Asian Studies at UBC right? I know, I know… low blow, but hey, I call ’em the way I see ’em.

Last one:

Feb 24th Outside UBC Hospital.

Me; making strange sounds, unable to breathe, and tears streaming down my face. You; tall Asian guy who carried my bag and blond girl who carried my weight. Thank you both. I was really struggling/afraid and you guys really helped. With gratitude, Louise

Finally, it’s not all about random hookups. Sometimes people just want to give thanks when they couldn’t the first time around.

If you want to see the rest, click here.

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