Remember that academic plan I was writing about a few weeks ago? Well, I present that to my supervisory committee tomorrow (er, today). I have no idea if I’ve prepared too much material or prepared too little. I asked the departmental graduate advisor if any guidelines existed on this stuff. He said none did. He seemed real casual about it. I get the feeling if I got up there and just talked about chicken wings I’d be ok.

I’m hoping that I’ll just present my slides, tell my committee why I took the courses I did, they’ll give me a standing ovation, sign off on my plan and insert it into my file. Of course, I’m scared that they’ll start to question me on my choices. Why did you take that course? That doesn’t seem helpful at all to your work goals. Did you ever think about taking this course? Did you know you’re not wearing pants right now?

I don’t even know how long this will take. I booked a room for two hours from noon on. I hope we won’t need all that time.

My intuition tells me that this will go over quite well. My supervisor wants me to get the hell of here, so there’s no reason for her to want me to stay behind any longer. The other faculty member on my committee is a super cool ™ guy. He’s a relatively young prof which is unlike my entire department. I picked him because we got along real well when we taught a semester of tutorials together. My slides are complete in my opinion and I even have some videos to show them. By 2pm Friday, I’ll be one step closer to graduation.

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