I saw the doctor today. My chest is clear and I’m not pregnant. She says I’m still coughing because there’s some residual irritation left over from the cold. She offered to fill out a prescription for a cough medicine with codeine in it. I accepted.

After returning home from the drug store, I looked at the recommended dosage, “1 tor 2 teaspoons, 3 times a day”. Well, I certainly wasn’t going to take 2 teaspoons right away. About a year ago, I took 2 teaspoons full of virtually the same medicine before going to bed. When I woke up, just waving my hand in front of my face was a psychedelic adventure. This time, I carefully administered to myself half a teaspoon. I then went to invigilate an exam. I think it certainly did help a bit.

When I returned home, I took another half a teaspoon before going over to dinner at SJC. The difference was more noticeable there. I was actually able to converse with people at my table without blowing chunks of food in their faces. Even Adam said I looked better.

I’ve been feeling pretty good all night, only coughing a bit, but still coughing. I’m going to hit the codeine once more before going to bed and we’ll see how I am in the morning. I’m watching my codeine consumption because it can block up your pooper.

Hey, on a totally unrelated note, I saw Greg Williams today, he of the “Lunch at the Village blog” fame. He was in fact, just coming back from the Village with his lunch. I tried to be sneaky and asked him what was in the bag. He began to answer, but caught himself and said, “I guess you’ll find out.” The answer can be found here. One more thing. When I went to One More Sushi to get take out, I saw Greg’s girlfriend leaving as I was entering. She was there without Greg… and with another man… who wasn’t Greg. Shhhhhh…. don’t tell Greg.

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