Either I have allergies now or I’m about to get sick. Last evening, I came home and spontaneously just had a problem with my throat. It felt like a small piece of food had gone down the wrong pipe, you know when you cough uncontrollably when your pork rind tries to go down your lung. Except with me, it was an extremely mild form of this. It only felt like there was something there and the reflex wasn’t strong enough to make me automatically cough. My body was kind like, “You might wanna cough a bit, we’re not too sure what’s happening there… hey is that The Daily Show?”

When I woke up this morning, I felt fine again. This evening though, I felt a distinct tickle in the back of my throat, you know, the usual cursor before a cold comes on. I’ve had this feeling before though, and sometimes nothing happens. Perhaps it’s just allergies as well, my eyes itch like a mofo right now.

Wow, what a post. Here are some more random pictures from the last room crawl.

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