Well, they’ve decided to remove the communal vacuums at the front desk at T-Bird. That means everyone living in a studio and one-bedroom apartment no longer has free access to a vacuum.

The reason for this is that they believe the use of communal vacuums might lead to the spread of bedbugs, which is apparently a bit of a problem here in UBC land. Holy crap am I glad I don’t have that nightmare to deal with. Over the weekend, the Vancouver Sun printed a report that bedbug infestations have risen 600% over the last two years in the Lower Mainland. Yikes. The report stated the problem is quite prevalent in downtown Vancouver with its high-density condos. Icky!

All this means my carpets now desperately need a cleaning which can only be accomplished by somehow procuring my own sucking device. I wonder if you can rent sucky devices by the hour or day?

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