About ten minutes ago, I left my apartment to buy a bag of crisps from the vending machine in the commonsblock. When I neared the parking lot next to my apartment block, I noticed there was a car parked in one of the spots closest to me, running and lights on.

As I walked by, it backed out and then just idled there at an angle. I continued walking and it just stayed there. It might have drifted a few more feet but generally didn’t go anywhere. When I neared the commonsblock, it suddenly drove off to the far side of the parking lot, where it stayed.

When I emerged from the commonsblock, it was where I saw it last. Upon nearing my apartment again, it strangely drove towards me, almost to same spot where I saw it the first time.

At no time was I in any danger since the lot is elevated and I was walking on the access road which surrounds the lot. Still, strange behaviour for a car. Maybe someone is learning to drive. Then again, maybe something evil is afoot. Where is my tennis racquet?

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