No, I did not just find out I have more siblings. Keep reading. So, I’ve known my friend Nate for over four years now. We met when I was hired at EA. He trained me as a tester, showed me the ropes, and is an overall nice guy. Hell, he’s one of the most talented people I know.

In the four years I’ve known Nate, we spent countless hours together. Hundreds of hours collaborating as the bestest audio testers the NHL franchise has ever seen (or is that heard?). We had numerous bowls of pho together during lunch and even more overtime meals at the EA cafe. We’ve discussed just about every subject there is to talk about.

So colour me surprised when about a month ago, Nate tells me his sister and mother are coming over to Japan to visit him. Until that day, I always thought Nate was an only child. I didn’t believe him. He told me it was the straight truth. Oh Nate wasn’t done with the surprises yet. He has a brother too. Weird.

Is it a case where these are step-siblings? Nope. Does he hate his siblings? Nope. Do they not get along? Nope. He just never brought them up. It’s just weird to me. It’s like you thought you knew someone, but then you find something about them that surprises you.

Actually, this kinda reminds me of when my Mom found out my Dad was thirteen years older than she was… on their honeymoon… but that is a story for another day.

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