I’ve been staying up extra late the last few days trying to get this project done for a class. For a guy that usually stays up until 3am anyways, “extra late” means I’ve been going to bed when some people are just getting up. I think I was up until 6am yesterday morning.

When I awoke at around 2pm, I made a promise to start going to bed earlier, since 2pm is an unreasonable time to be getting up, at least to me.

Well, it’s nearly 3am and a idea just popped into my head. I rarely eat breakfast because of my late start to the day. What’s even more rare for me? Going out for breakfast. By the time I wake up and get all dolled up to go outside, I’m lucky if places are still serving lunch.

So, here’s my idea. I stay up and go to McDonald’s and show up there right at 6am on the dot. Six 0’clock is when they open. When I get there, I’m gonna order me up some “Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles“. They bake the maple syrup right into the griddle cakes! Thirty-two grams of fat to end the “day” before I go home and sleep off the fat sweats.

The idea of eating breakfast before going to bed is not something new though. My former neighbour down the hall at SJC, Matt, pioneered the process. He would work on his thesis until it was time for breakfast, go eat, and then go to bed. Hey, it can’t all be that bad since they call him Dr. Matt now.

I’m not fully committed at this point yet, since in the next three hours, fatigue might set in and I just might go to sleep. Not that would be a bad thing either.

Will Erwin go out for breakfast? Or will he be drooling onto his pillow at 6am? Stay tuned for the exciting conclusion!

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