My love for kettle corn began one sunny afternoon in Seattle several years ago when EA trucked a few of us down for a Mariners baseball game. At first, I wasn’t sure of this popcorn that was cooked in large metal kettles. Why would popcorn taste any better because it was popped in a large kettle, I thought. Then I had my first couple of bites.

The addition of a little bit of sugar to regular popcorn in a kettle was pure culinary genius. I was immediately hooked by the combination of sweet and salty tastes. Each kernel that I was about to pop in my mouth became a flavour mystery. Would this be a salty or sweet kernel? I just didn’t know. The unpredictability of each kernel drove me to sample more and more of this delightful treat. Pretty soon, the bag was empty and all I could was look at my co-worker, Chris D. with dismay.

Since that day, I’ve discovered kettle corn is pretty hard to find in Canada. When you do find it, it’s expensive to buy and some of it really sucks. Most of the time, they don’t put enough sugar on it. Don’t hold back man, hit me with them pixie sticks!

On the weekend, I saw on the shelf at Safeway, microwaveable kettle corn. This was a new development to me from the people at Act II. I was skeptical of their kettle corn but I bought a box anyways. I popped a bag last night and I am happy to report that for a microwaved product, their kettle corn is pretty damned good. It’s sweet enough for me and I was surprised I got to the bottom of the bag so quickly.

Act II also has some other popcorn products, including Extreme Butter. I don’t know how it can be that extreme, but I hope to find out someday.

Wow, did I just write an entire post about popcorn?

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