The other day I get this e-mail from the SJC news list. Some dude is selling his fridge. This is a common occurence, people move out and want to unload their fridge. Then, I read his e-mail. I was stunned. First, let’s take a look at Fridgy McFridgerson’s e-mail:

Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2004 00:07:52 -0500 (EST)

From: Henry Yuan

To: sjc-news@interchange.ubc.ca

Subject: [sjc-news] A fridge for sale

Dear all,

I have a small fridge for sale, LG GR-131R. With a capacity of just under 3.3 cu ft., It is

quite reliable, trouble-free, and very quiet. This fridge is not your regular half-height bar fridge.

It fits just underneath your counter, being spacious yet not bulky. It was only two years old. I

asked for $100. If you are interested in it, please reply by email or drop in Room 1112. ( Sorry I need it till the end of December.)



Sounds fine right? Well, guess what? I sold my fridge last September as well. How did I advertise it? Through the news list as well. Take a gander at my e-mail. Note the sections highlighed in red:

Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 01:38:01 -0700 (PDT)

From: Erwin Tang

To: sjc-news@interchange.ubc.ca

Subject: resplendent fridge for sale

Hello all:

I am a former resident who is selling my LG GR-131R fridge. With a

capacity of just under 3.3 cu ft., this reliable, trouble-free, and quiet

fridge will serve all your food cooling needs while at St. John’s


This fridge is not your regular half-height bar fridge. It fits just

underneath your counter, being spacious yet not bulky. Capable of holding

an entire roast chicken, you’ll have plenty of room left over for salads,

drinks, and much more. Also possessing a freezer compartment, you can

store leftovers or make ice cubes (be the life of the party!).

Styled in egg-shell white, the GR-131R will help accentuate your

room. Did I mention the door is reversible? Beauty and versatility all in


The fridge has been recently defrosted and cleaned for your


With such a feature-rich unit, you might be thinking you’ll need to

arrange financing, but that won’t be necessary. I’m asking for only

$100. If you act now, I’ll even throw in an assortment of drinks to get

you started.

If you’re still interested, take a look at the GR-131R on-line:


The fridge is being stored at SJC, so I can arrange for a viewing at your

discretion. See before you buy!

Don’t delay when you can be enjoying cold foods tomorrow!



Dude ripped off my copy! His ad has the Tang-meister written all over it. Here’s another thing, it’s been three months since I sent out that e-mail. Did he have it saved all this time, waiting for the day he’d sell his own fridge?

Look, I don’t want to toot my own horn, but after I sent out that e-mail, I received a lot of positive comments about my ad. “Best fridge selling e-mail ever” comes to mind, but I won’t bore you with what people told me. I appreciate that he found my e-mail good enough to copy, but still, where’s the respect? I gladly would have written him his own kick-ass ad for a small nominal fee.

I should get a cut of his fridge money when he sells it.

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