I think it’s been over two months since I’ve ventured downtown. Tonight, I changed that by starting my holiday shopping. As soon as my bus made it over the Granville St. bridge, I saw an attractive girl wearing a mini-skirt and white thigh-high boots by a bus stop. I took that as a good omen.

The crowds were extremely light and I easily purchased two gifts before it was even 6:30pm. I needed to eat, so I decided to go to my favourite pho place, Pho Van on Main Street. When I got there, I ordered a large pho tai. The steaming bowl of noodles that soon got to my table was intoxicating. My pho consumption has been quite light this term, something that I hope to rectify next term. It was as good as ever. The thinly sliced, slightly raw pieces of beef almost melted in my mouth. Oh delicious pho, I suckle at your brothy, sweet teat once again.

By this time, it had started to rain quite heavily and stupidly, I had not brought along an umbrella. Knowing it was about quitting time, I crossed the street to where my mother works. I was hoping that my Mom was still at work and perhaps I could borrow a brolly from her. As luck would have it, my Mom was still there along with my Dad. They were going to eat some dinner before heading out to play some mah jong. They were pleasantly surprised to see me. When I told them why I was there, they insisted I was join them for dinner next door at this Hong Kong style cafe. As I sat there watching them eat, they asked me questions about the exciting life that I lead. With dinner finished, I was loaned an umbrella and driven back downtown so I could continue shopping.

If there was post-dinner shopping crowd, I never saw it. I think in this Internet age, the days of jam-packed malls might be behind us. I went to a few different stores, looking for both myself and my family. I didn’t find any more gifts, but I did buy a pair of jeans from Old Navy. That place is great for cheap essentials, things like undershirts, socks, and underwear.

After that, I’d had enough, so I went back home. Tomorrow, I am going back downtown in an attempt to get some smaller items. Is everyone else done their shopping?

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