I’ve been east of the Safeway on 10th Ave. maybe three or four times in the last month and a half. The trips off-campus have been few and far in between. It doesn’t help not having TA job this term. Plus, I’ve been busy with school work. Tomorrow, however, I am taking a trip all the way to Granville and Broadway. Yep, that’s far for me now.

I’m going to pick up some more RAM for the computer. Running Matlab has made me realize how much faster things could be with more memory. That it will also help Half-Life 2 performance is also a nice bonus.

I’m also going to purchase a new ink cartridge for my printer. I have three assignments to hand in on Wednesday, each supposedly worth a credit each. Yikes. My assignments are of dubious quality right now. I’m hoping if I print out the graphs in colour, that’ll make a good impression.

After that, the plan is to high-tail it back here to the womb to work more on my project. I sent a copy of what I have working so far to a friend last night. He didn’t seem too impressed. I need to get a lot more work done.

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