It’s been a real pain in the ass to post using Blogger lately. Apparently, their new version of Blogger that debuted several months ago became quite popular and add to that the use of the word “blog” in the media and you’ve got yourselves a whole bunch of new bloggers. Most of whom will probably blog for a month or so and then never touch their blog again.

Anyways, that’s why things have been a bit slow around here. I’d hit “Post” and wait… and wait… and wait… all the time not really sure what’s going on. Things seem to have cleared up now, so hopefully we’ll be back on schedule.

In blog related news, did you know that the Incredible Hulk also is a blogger? Yep. He calls it HULK’S DIARY THAT IS ON THE INTERNET. Even superheroes need a forum to voice their thoughts and opinions. It’s a good read.

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