No one knows this, but I just spent ten minutes writing about why I went out and bought a bag of pre-packaged salad at the Village tonight. I then realized no one wants to read a long-winded description of why I wanted to eat some salad tonight. Long story short, I wanted to eat some greens tonight because I wasn’t booked in for dinner at SJC. Not having any lettuce at home, I shelled out $1.99 for 0.5 kg of pre-packaged salad. I added some salad dressing and there I had it, a salad.

I also cooked up a t-bone steak for lunch. It was great. My simple marinade consists of soy sauce and pepper. Be careful not to use too much soy. Let the steak sit in the marinade for several hours. Fry it up to suit your taste. A heavenly piece of steak awaits for your consumption.

I also forgot to book at SJC for dinner for Monday. I wonder what I’ll do. I could go out and get some food. I have chicken in my fridge, maybe I’ll make Shake ‘N Bake (and I helped!).

In other news, I made significant progress in my mocap assignment. I can now blend together several motions though you can clearly see where the transition are. Seconds before my little dude is doing these complex motions then he stops, rotates in place like he’s doing the robot, and then launches into the next clip. It’s probably as good as I can get it, so I’ll spend Monday cleaning up the code and starting the write-up. I wish I had a way to capture video output so I could post a video.

UPDATE: Will wonders ever cease? Click here for an .avi file of what my assignment looks like at this point.

Anyways, enough talk of salads and robots.

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