I’ve got a lot to do still before I go to bed, which in all honesty, I won’t get to, but here’s a short bit of rambling at the keyboard at his hour.

I made Hamburger Helper for dinner today. People start giving me sympathy when I mention that’s what I’m eating. Hey, I actually like the stuff. And it gives me lunch for the next few days. For about $8, I get one dinner and several lunches until Saturday. It’s a good thing.

I let some random guy borrow my pen is class today. He showed up like a month into class. I don’t think he’s even registered. He’s a bit odd. He’s got really long hair that he kinda loosely braids into a single weave. Every class, he brings an old plastic Zeller’s bag that contains a stack of loose leaf paper. He takes sheets out and writes out messy notes with a Bic pen. Anyways, his pen ran out today and like the nice guy I am (by the way, women love bad boys), I offered him the one I wasn’t using. He took it and then like five minutes later, he put the pen up to his mouth. I couldn’t see if he made tongue or lips contact, but still, what the hell dude! I let you borrow my pen so you could write the notes and now you’re going fellate my pen?

At the end of class, he gave me my pen back and I took it like it was a log of feces. I shoved it back into my bag with the plan of dipping it into rubbing alcohol later. I can tell you one thing though, all the weird things this guys does… the plastic bag full of paper, the long braided hair, and the need to blow my pen… it all points towards him being an outright genius. Isn’t it always the case? The weirder the habits, the smarter the person is.

I swear if someone said to me, “Erwin, if you promise to pick your nose in public and put the boogers in a jar, your IQ will go up 80 points”, I’d seriously consider it. Well, maybe I’d go halfway… for an increase of 40 IQ points I’d spit wherever and whenever I desired.

I need to get some rest.

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