I’ve just picked up my first load of laundry from one of the laundry rooms here at T-Bird. On my way to the laundry room, I noticed a young lady about 20 feet behind me. She had a laundry bag, so it was obvious she was just starting her wash.

I go in and take my clothes out of the dryer. On my way across the courtyard back to my apartment, I see a pair of purple cotton panties on the ground. Could that be hers? I’m not 100% sure, but I don’t think it was there on my way to the laundry room. Did she drop it somehow? I wondered if I should pick up, go back to the laundry room, and ask if it belonged to her.

What if it didn’t belong to her though? Boy, would I feel stupid then. She’d probably think I’m some sorta underwear-picking-up freak. Also, it was lying in the middle of the courtyard. Everyone would be able to see me pick it up.

In the end, I left it where it was. Unclaimed. Lost. For completeness, this is what it looked like:

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