I’ve spent nearly six hours tonight trying to figure out how get the next part of my motion capture assignment done. Before tonight, I was hoping to make some progress on the assignment and write some more code. In the six hours, I managed to discover the problem is a lot harder to solve than I realized. I didn’t write a single line of new code. I actually haven’t written any new code since Tuesday. That worries me. I did however, sketch out a plan that partially solves the assignment. Howeve, if I completely did all the things in my plan, I won’t get full marks. Actually, I’d be happy with that right now.

Well, I better go to bed so I can waste my entire Friday on this assignment. Oh by the way, if anyone has a clue as to how to smoothly blend together two motion capture clips, please let me know (and tell me in a way that a four-year old can understand).

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