I slept for ten hours last night. I really needed that. I didn’t sleep all that well last week. Feeling refreshed for the first time in many days, I had a late lunch with my friend Patrick at the Village. We decided to go for Japanese. I had a hearty lunch to prepare for hockey later. I hate it when my blood sugar drops halfway through hockey. Anyways, Patrick had some sake to go with his meal. I’ve never seen him drink so early in the day. Then again, he’s been busy lately. He’s packing for a three week trip. He’s off to Toronto and then to Chicago for a wedding. After bidding Patrick a safe trip, we departed for our respective abodes.

I immediately had to get ready for hockey. Our numbers were thin today because so many former participants have moved out. Still, we had enough for 3 vs. 3. We had a scary moment when Tomo took a ball near the eye. I think he’ll be alright, but he’s gonna have black eye for sure tomorrow. He left the game and we continued on for another hour or so. At the end, it was a sad moment as today was Jamil’s last game with us for at least several months. He is leaving for an internship in the Philippines. I must point out that Jamil turned out for ball hockey from the first day that I sent out the e-mail. I could always count on him to show up even when he moved out. He’s a good man. Good luck Jamil!

After hockey, we showered (not together mind you, not that there’s anything wrong with that) and Tyson drove Tom and I to Safeway. I’m still adjusting to a full-size fridge, so I keep forgetting I can buy big things for my freezer. I bought a tub of sorbet to start things off. I also bought some eggs and bacon. Sweet Sauron, is there anything better for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner than bacon and eggs? Ya fry that bacon up to get the grease and then ya fry the eggs in the grease to spread that bacon flavour around. Bacon tastes guuud… pork chops taste…

Though I was invited to BBQ on the SJC patio, I decided to have dinner back at my place and chill out. I’ve spent some of the evening cleaning and re-arranging here, so my apartment is slowly but surely moving from “squatter” to “dump” status. The rest of the evening I’ve used to read a textbook for my neural networks class. It’s gone quite well, except I started writing this.

So, I’m going to get back to that. Enjoy your evening.

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