My 12+ hour day of school is over. I did it. I have one more day of commuting left and I’ll be done. Tomorrow will be an easy day. I get to sit in on one class, then have dinner with an old friend. I then can go home. Or, I could go drinking at Koerner’s with the rest of SJC. Regardless, it will be a shorter day than today.

I actually had two positive developments today. One, I saw some of my former students in the CEME building. I hadn’t seen them since last December when I gave them their last tutorial. I asked them what disciplines they finally got into. It appears everyone got their first choice. Good. They all seemed happy to see me. In particular, the last thing one student said to me in December was, “you should teach”. The last thing she said to me today was, “you should teach”. I appreciated the comment, maybe I should get her to talk to my department.

On TA front, still no news on what is happening. I’ll try to get ahold of the union tomorrow.

The other positive development has to do with my night class. This is the first night class I’ve ever taken in my life. We didn’t have a class last week and this week was an introductory lecture that had nothing to do with any of the course material. The instructor seems really laid back. He told us that even though UBC has scheduled the class for three hours each week, he would be done in two hours usually. Sweet. He also admitted that his class was pretty easy, but that you’d still learn a lot. Sweet. Another thing, I can almost see my new apartment from the classroom.

Alright, time to set out my clothes for tomorrow.

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