A poll released this week revealed that 30 out of 35 countries would rather have John Kerry at the helm of the United States than George W. Bush. This only reaffirms my faith in the rest of the world, while reinforcing my belief that most citizens of the US have gone completely crazy.

In other news, reports have surfaced today that reveal Bush balked at a direct order from his superiors while “serving” in the Texas Air National Guard. These reports also put into question again whether or not Bush actually completed his service to the ANG.

Can someone explain to me why Kerry is supposed to be the weak guy when it comes to military decisions? How can the Republicans even keep a straight face when they tell Americans Bush is the better military leader? Oh, I forgot, it’s because Americans eat this crap up like there’s no tomorrow.

Yeah, Bush is better at being a leader because he refused to finish his country-club tour through the ANG. Kerry is weak because he actually was in combat in Vietnam and we all know pussies win Purple Hearts, a Bronze Star, and a Silver Star.

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