I went to school today even though I didn’t have to. Of course, I didn’t realize this until I was sitting with 20 other students waiting for the prof to arrive. You see, I thought I had a night class at 6pm today. I missed the entire hockey game to attend this class. I got onto a bus at 3pm crowded with punks high school kids to get to UBC on time.

When I got to the classroom at 6pm, five minutes went by, then ten, and then fifteen. Finally, some guy with a laptop and wireless figured out the class web site. He told everyone the prof had written the first class would be next week not this week. Too bad the web site address isn’t listed anywhere on the Internet. He had to guess it. I don’t feel too stupid because 20 other engineering graduate students were there with me.

Having felt like my entire day was stolen from me, I tried to see how I could salvage the day. I decided to head on over to SJC since it was dinner time there. I managed to see the new resident that bought my fridge and picked up a cheque from her. I also got to see the old gang, Frank, Phil, Sarah, Bryan, Jeff, Sean, Carl… I even got to see Miriam who’s visiting from England. I met a few new people as well.

After that, I got my ass back onto a bus for the trip home. Man, what a waste of a day.

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