I was at the Lougheed Town Centre Wal-Mart this evening to get some things for my apartment. As I entered the store, I spotted giant walls of Halloween candy that been already put into place. I usually don’t buy Halloween candy, but the neat rows and clear delineation between brands appealed to the order-seeking part of my brain.

I’m a big fan of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups so I looked for those. There were bags of them packaged in a single-serving size. In each bag, there was 510 g of peanut butter and chocolate goodness for $3.92. Curious, I wanted to see what the standard three-pack cost. I sauntered over to the check-out lines and found the candy display. There, I saw the normal package, weighing in at 51 g cost $0.72. Keep in mind that everything at Wal-Mart is usually cheaper than anywhere else. It’s probably at least $1 at Safeway.

I did the math, which was easy, even for me. If I had to buy 510 g of PB cups in the three-pack size, it’d cost me $7.20. Compare that to the $3.92 for the large bag. Incredible. Buying candy and chocolate in small quantities is an incredible rip-off. If you buy confectionaries at even irregular intervals, you’re better off buying the Halloween-sized bags.

And I learned something today…

In completely different news, the 2004 Disney Channel Kids Awards Show was held in London just a few days ago. Disney, known for its family entertainment, put on quite a display. I believe this year’s theme was, “And Now, Something for Dad”.

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