Every once in a while I think of a stupid way to waste some of my hard-earned and small amount of money. This is one of those times.

I’m thinking of making business cards. I’m not talking about those horrendous full colour ones either. Mine would be black text on a white background. The front would have only one line of text right in the center. It would read, I was going to leave the back blank, but I was thinking of putting the quote, “A shining example of bad web design since 1996”.

You can design business cards on-line and preview your work. I was going to include a screenshot but my screenshot app got hosed from the move over to XP.

If I did get some cards made up, I’d most likely get raised lettering or card stock that had some texture to it. I think that would have a greater impact than some 10 colour layout. What do you think?

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