Last summer, I bought my very first digital camera from Ebay. My little refurbished CX 4230 served me well. I bought it way under retail and it came with a one-year warranty from Kodak.


About two months ago, it stopped powering on. I’d flip the switch and nothing would happen. The only way I’d get it to power on was to remove the batteries, wait eight hours, put the batteries back in, and then turn it on. Once I’d turn the camera off though, I’d have to do the same thing again. It was so frustrating for me to get it to turn on… there’s a joke about me and women in there somewhere.


Anyways, having it still under warranty, I sent the damn thing back to Kodak Canada to get it serviced. After a week, I got a letter in the mail, telling me that they could not repair my camera under warranty. Apparently, the power circuits had corroded and they believed something had spilled into the camera. I can say without a doubt, I never had anything spill into my camera. Nothing. They would repair it, but only if I paid $187 plus taxes. That was more than what I paid for the camera in the first place.


I decided to decline the repair and have them send back my camera. The only thing I can think of that would cause corrosion was the times I humidified my room in the winter. It was quite comfortably humid in my room. Though that might have done wonders for my skin, it may have adversely affected my camera.


No matter what was the cause, I was still out a camera. I turned to the Ebay well again and this weekend, I managed to snag a CX 6230. This camera is one model up from my last one and $25 USD cheaper as well! It’s 2 megapixels and 3x optical zoom just like my old camera. The feature I am most excited about is the movie clip with sound capability. This means video is coming to! Random clips of me eating fried chicken… clipping a large toenail… pairing up my socks… the possibilities are endless!


I’m not sure when I’ll be getting my camera, but stayed tuned for some exciting updates!

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