There were so many things I wanted to write about while my server was gone. So, in no particular order, here goes.

I went and saw Dodgeball tonight. Despite getting a single star in the Vancouver Sun review, it was way better than I was anticipating. Some surprisingly sharp bits and dialogue made the difference. Also impressive were the multitude of cameos in the movie. Vince Vaughn did his usual work in the movie, but I have to single out Ben Stiller for his creepy yet funny portrayal of a fitness guru. Thumbs up from me.

In other news, yes, the McDonald’s incident did get resolved. Last Saturday, I went to the restaurant to again try to make good on the manager’s offer. I wasn’t really expecting anything positive to happen. Just in case, I brought three friends along.

I stood in line and thankfully when it was my turn to order, I got an actual manager to serve me. It wasn’t Charles the guy I talked to, but it was a manager nonetheless.

I tried to explain it to him the best I could and I saw a flash of recognition on his face as I completed my story.

“Yeah, you’re the guy that came in and no one believed you. Yeah, I read that in the report. That’s disgusting.”

We agreed that I could get four meals of my choice plus dessert. I ordered the most expensive meal you can get, the double Quarter Pounder Meal. I also had an apple pie. Two others followed my lead, while the final person got a McExtra meal.

When all our food was ready, he handed me the tray and gave me a final apology.

“Sorry once again, and if I was working that night, that wouldn’t have happened.”

I thanked him for finally believing in my story. As we ate our meals, I realized I’d never had so much “beef” at McDonald’s before. This was the same exact meal Morgan Spurlock had in Super Size Me when he threw up. Granted, he had the meal supersized, but I could see why he’d want to bring it back up.

I am happy that whole incident is finally over.

One final bit of news, I started my job working for a professor this Monday. The job lasts a month and a half. I need the cash and the commute is only five minutes by foot. That’s the good part. The bad part is that I have to be at work by 8:30am. I don’t care how short your commute is, being at work by 8:30am sucks. I could spend my nights in the office and it would still suck.

It’s taken me all week to adjust and this was the first day where I didn’t nap after work. Thank goodness for caffeine.

I’ve got some stuff to do before bed, so I’ll see everyone later.

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