Every once in a while I go and buy something dumb. Something that I don’t need. No, I’m not talking about a pack of condoms. I’m talking about something expensive.

Feast your eyes on this:

Those are the cheapest THX-certified 5.1 speakers I could find. Even so, they still are priced at $200.

So, you might remember in an earlier post I mentioned that one of speakers in my current 5.1 system is busted. The difference between that post and this one is that I am this close to buying those Logitech speakers. Did I mention they’re THX-certified? They’re nearly 200 Watts more powerful than my current set. I’ve seen some of these systems being on sold on Ebay because “they were too powerful for my dorm room”. That alone should get me to buy them. The subwoofer itself has to be passively cooled with heating fins because of all the power it uses.

Well, I’ll hold off until the weekend before I make my decision. It also helps I don’t have a car. The whole box weighs fifty pounds. Hey, anyone want to give me a ride along Broadway sometime soon?

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