After receiving word from Charles, the McDonald’s restaurant manager on campus, I headed down to make good on his offer.

Chris drove me to the Village around 12am. I stepped up to the counter and told them that Charles said I could have a free meal. The girl behind the counter looked at me incredulously.

“Um, no he didn’t”.

“He told me that he would leave a note with you guys that Erwin could have two free meals.”

“We don’t know anything about that.”

At this point, I thought I could take it two ways: I could demand my meal because Charles said I could have it or I could just save the fight for another day.

I decided to be gracious and not make a scene. Why? I thought about it from their point of view. I had no reason to believe they were lying to me. They probably did not receive word from Charles. So, from their point of view, this crazy guy comes in and starts demanding free food.

If I were to be angry, I should direct my anger towards the manager. He told me he’d do something, but he didn’t.

In light of this, I called the restaurant looking for Charles today. I missed him by ten minutes. They said he’d be in at 10am tomorrow morning.

I am definitely going to call him again. I’m debating right now whether or not to call the head office again. So far, in my mind, McDonald’s have committed two errors: the first offense and then by screwing up their efforts to reimburse me. I’ll see what the manager has to say, and then I’ll assess if further calls are needed.

I’ll keep everyone posted.

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