Wow, I had originally planned on popping in here and making a few short comments, but upon logging into Blogger, I was floored.

Blogger has added a ton of new features and completely revamped their interface. I’ve spent the last 15 minutes just reading through the additions and changes. Some of the stuff you probably won’t care about, but a lot of you probably will. The biggest change is that Blogger will now support comments natively. That’s right, no more crappy, free commenting from Enetation. The only problem is that I haven’t figured out how to keep the old comments from old posts and to have the new Blogger comments enabled in new posts.

Also, the new posting window doesn’t work very well with Netscape right now, so I’m doing this in IE. If you know me, you’ll realize I feel really dirty right now.

So, onto my original comments. These are kinda of stream of consciousness thoughts right now, so bear with me. I know everyone is waiting for a post about my cruise, but that’s gotta wait for a bit. I have a million things to do right now.

What I will say about the cruise is that you do a lot of eating on a cruise ship. So much so that now that I’m back, I feel like I should be eating all the time. I constantly feel hungry now. Bleh.

My next totally random thought has to do with the ball hockey I play every Saturday. When I yell out, “time!” during play, that’s short for “There isn’t a checker around you right now, please take your time and make the right play”.

It does not mean to stop playing and look up at me with wonderment. If I actually meant to stop play, I always yell out “car!” or “time out” or “stop” or “hold up”.

I’m glad I was able to make that distinction. I’m going to press the “Publish” button now and see what happens.

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