For those keeping score, yep, I’ll get that post up about my cruise soon. It won’t be long now.

So, I’ve been anticipating that I would have the month of May off before I had to start my summer job working for an instructor on campus. I’ve been calling this “the May of Erwin”, after a well-known episode of Seinfeld.

It turns out, I won’t be starting my job until the second week of June, which makes for a slightly more complicated title of what to call my vacation.

Part of my vacation calls for seeing a lot of movies. Tonight, three carloads of people went to see Troy. Adam and I tagged along but we went to see Van Helsing instead. Our movie started at 8:10pm and by 8:05pm, we were still the only people in the auditorium.

We were so hoping we’d be the only ones in the theatre. We came up with two things that we’d do if that were to happen. First, we’d sit on opposite ends of theatre, and then stand up and yell things during the movie.

“Oh my God Adam! Did you just see that! That was awesome!”

“Oh don’t go opening that door Van Helsing! Them vampires behind that door!”

Second, we’d thought it’d be pretty cool to sit through the rest of the movie in our underwear with our shoes off. Adam came up with that one.

Unfortunately, like at 8:06pm, twenty people came out of nowhere. Plans denied.

Overall I enjoyed Van Helsing. Sure it was mindless action, but I was entertained.

After the movie let out, we had nearly 50 minutes before Troy finished, so we had a beer at the brew pub next door.

When we met up with the other group, this was the most interesting quote I heard about the movie:

“That Brad Pitt is as golden as a french fry in that movie… and just as delicious too!”

Adrian then drove us home and here I am writing for you fine folks. Here’s to the rest of May and the first week of June!

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