Tonight I went to a BBQ at Jericho Beach. I brought with me hot dog wieners, hot dog buns, and some Coke. It was a beautiful late afternoon and evening.

When I woke up this morning, I thought there was no way we were going to have nice BBQ weather. Well, around 5pm, the sun broke out and it was sunny and warm.

I had a great time. I had some food, played beach croquet, and we saw some girl go swimming while topless.

When we were cleaning up to go, I discovered I had forgotten a zip lock bag to hold my package of hot dog wieners. Before I left, I said to myself, “I better bring a zip lock bag with me, after I open the wiener package, I’ll need something to prevent the wiener juice from going everywhere.”

I can’t believe I just typed “wiener juice”.

Of course, I forgot the zip lock bag. I had to put the package of wieners in a Safeway bag with my leftover hot dog buns.

When I got home, the wiener juice had gotten all over the bag that contained the buns. I thought, “Hmmm… the plastic is waterproof, maybe I should just wash off the wiener juice…”

So to the sink I went and ran the water. I washed the bag as best as I could. Then I noticed it… there was a hole in the bag. I looked again… the water had gotten all inside the bag. The buns were soaking wet.

Well, there was no way I was going to dry out the buns. They were ruined and I could do nothing about my wet buns.

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