I must admit, the way the day started out, I didn’t think the whole day had a lot of promise. I succumbed to the trap of screwing around for several hours after I woke up.

I didn’t snap out of it until around 3pm when I realized I’d better get something accomplished. It was then I continued to clean my room. This is a little project I begun several days ago. I began with vacuuming my carpet. That was the easy part. Then I went onto cleaning my countertop and sink. The sink hadn’t seen a cleaning in a long time. You know what is almost indispensible when doing household cleaning? A toothbrush. It gets into those tight spots and works cleaning magic.

After cleaning the sink, I switched gears and did some ironing. I came back to my room and shaved before dinner. Dinner was alright and I enjoyed my conversation at the table.

After dinner, I hurried to back to my room to Swiffer a portion of my floor, everything but my bathroom. I was hurrying because I wanted to go to tonight’s St. John’s College Performance Series. On a regular basis, SJC gets classical musicians to perform after dinner. I’ve been here nearly two years, yet I’ve never gone to any of the performances.

Tonight’s offering was the Borealis String Quartet, the first Quartet in Residence at UBC. I admit I don’t listen to much classical music, but I heard this was a performance not to be missed. And what an excellent performance it was. They played two splendid pieces in the intimate space of the Social Lounge. It is truly amazing how talented some people are with a musical instrument. Having been thoroughly entertained, I returned to my room to continue my cleaning.

I tackled the cleansing of my bathroom with vigour. I went to places where no cleaner had gone before. When it was done, there were several places where I would not hesitate to eat off of. The mirror was so clean, I swore I could walk into it as if it were a doorway. The only thing I left was uncleaned was the floor and the shower stall.

By this time, it was 11pm and I was really hungry. I admit I made a McDonald’s run. Yeah, I know, I do feel shame. If it’s any consolation, this is the only the second time I’ve gone since I saw Super Size Me. On the way there, I noticed how deserted the campus is now with all the undergrads gone. It was so quiet I could hear the trolley bus lines “sing” as the buses went along them. I’d hear the lines first and then the buses would follow soon afterwards.

When I got back, I finished Swiffering my bathroom floor and now I’m here with you fine people. If time allows, I will do my shower stall tomorrow.

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