UPDATE: I have further realized that one of my classes was cancelled on Thursday, so I’m done by 11am tomorrow. I could go to Vegas for a few days and not miss any class.

I just realized this “morning” I have no commitments at school this Friday. I usually have a tutorial to teach that day, but it’s been cancelled. So, I don’t have to be anywhere on Friday.

I’ll probably sleep in, that’s a given. I’m also tempted to take the day off, go shopping and have lunch with friends outside of UBC. It would a be fun day no doubt. What I’m forgetting of course is that it’s the end of term, and I have a presentation and a big assignment due next week. Given that I haven’t done the reading so that I can write my presentation, the wise course of action would probably be to work all day Friday. That’s probably what I’ll do. I may just go see a movie on Friday night instead.

Hey, have you ever been kinda tired enough to nap, but you’re also awake enough to do work and you can’t decide what to do? Yeah, that’s where I’m at right now.

I think I’ll drink some Coke and keep going.

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